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Violinist II

Violinist II by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

This is a complex piece and I think you have to spend time with it in order to appreciate its complexities. There is one particular theme in this sculpture which is a flat band that occurs over and over again in different variations. The curve of the violin itself appears a number of times in the figure. The whole is subordinated to the parts in this sculpture. When I look at this, I can hear "Beethoven's Pastoral", the sixth symphony, in all its aspects. I feel the storm, the thunder, the lightning, the early raindrops, as well as the more serene passages. Different angles feel like different symphonic movements.

Bronze with patina,granite base
Edition limited to 50
Height 25"
Width 14"
Depth 10.5"
Weight 36 lbs.
Current Price $8,500
Copyright 1986

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