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The Soul of the Artist
She applies herself to her canvas

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New for 2011!  Available at special pre-publication prices til 12/31/11!

In the sculptor's words...
This is a very intuitive sculpture.   The shapes, textures and rhythms that make up my painter show her to be a completely unique individual, unlike any other.  A close examination of her painting reveals a similarity of forms and textures that echoes her very nature.  It is inherent in the creation of art that the artist actually projects himself into the artwork which will then be reinterpreted and redefined by the very individual mind of the viewer. 

 The orientation of the painting can be changed on the easel and the distance between painter and her art can be adjusted.  The colors on the painting will be unique with every casting.

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Wax prototype for bronze
Edition limited to 200
Height 14"
Width 8"
Depth 18"
Weight 10 lbs.
Pre Publication Price $2,050 after 12/31/11 price will be $2,500
Copyright 2008
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Additional Photos and Video

Video coming soon


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Ordering Information
If you need additional information or help with this form, please call 800.882.8098.

Option 1: payment in full now of $2,050 (Jeff Tritel Sculpture will pay all shipping and insurance charges)

Option 2: $1,025 now and balance due prior to delivery

Option 3: $206 deposit now and balance charged in 9 monthly installments of $205 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) prior to delivery

All orders are processed manually and you will be contacted with details.  Please allow sixteen weeks for delivery. You will be contacted before we ship your sculpture.  Sales Tax will be added to all shipments to California

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction - we want you to be happy with any Tritel Sculpture purchase so if a sculpture is returned within 30 days of shipment, we will refund your purchase price, replace the sculpture with a sculpture of equal value or issue a credit to be used at a later date - your choice.  On Option 3, we will exchange or replace.


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