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Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Wrestling with an Idea: States of Development

In the sculptor's words...

This remarkable sculpture captures three separate and distinct aspects of the creative process. It depicts two figures, the first is man, stylized but reasonably naturalistic.  The second figure represents his idea, some parts clearly formed and other parts undulating, odd and free-form.  When viewed from the right, the man and his idea appear to be facing each other, locked in mortal combat as the man gets his hand on the throat of his idea.  This is the first stage of development; the time when a man must seize his idea if it is to become something significant.  If it is not seized it becomes merely a passing thought, relegated to the ether.
When seen from the left, the man appears to have his idea in a half-nelson wrestling hold; one arm around the waist and the other over the back of the neck as he forces his idea into submission.  This is the time spent crystallizing and honing; developing and clarifying an idea into a thing sharp and defined.
Finally, when viewed from behind, the idea's bent and tortured right arm transforms into an upraised leg in a graceful position reminiscent of ballet. This reminds us that when an idea is fully developed we forget all of the struggle it took to get there.  All is forgiven and now it appears to be an easy, natural thing of beauty.

Plaster prototype for bronze
Edition limited to 25
Height approximately 48""
Current Price on request
Copyright 2008

Please call 800.882.8098 for ordering information

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