Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Rockin' Out

Rockin' Out by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

When I was six and a half years old, my parents bought me a small guitar.  The classical lessons that they started me on soon proved too rigorous but the river of folk music that flowed through the middle 1950s had captivated both of my parents and my guitar and I were caught up in the current.  We joined folk music groups, learned hundreds of songs, sang in the car and music became an inseparable part of my youth.  When I started sculpting at 18, a guitar player seemed like a natural subject.  I played guitar, knew what it looked like, and had the emotional connection.  But a successful sculptural interpretation proved elusive.  It was probably my intimate familiarity with the instrument that was the stumbling block.  After all, I knew what a guitar looked like.  Every time I attempted a guitar player, the guitar remained static and separate from the maker of the music.   Capturing the sound was easier said than done.   In fact, it took me forty years to find a solution.  While setting up at an art festival I struck up a conversation with a passer by.  His name was Roman and he played guitar in a rock and roll band.  I asked Roman to pretend he was playing onstage and being a good sport he complied.  While we were talking I started sculpting.  (I always have modeling wax with me and often sculpt in front of the public.)  As Roman strummed the air my own inspiration struck.  The overly long neck of my just-started wax guitar became a dancing vibrant, barely controlled line of hard driving rock and roll.  It must have taken all of 15 minutes.  It just took 40 years to find it.  Thanks, Roman.

Bronze maquette for monumental bronze approximately 7 feet in height

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