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Perseverance by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

For years I believed that it was necessary to keep going, no matter what.  The burdens that life heaped upon you only made you stronger.  The man in this sculpture literally plows through life, dragging a monstrous anchor behind him and having to develop Herculean strength to continue his unending task.  I have more recently decided that I would rather stroll through life.   This necessitates finding a way to cut loose our anchors, a task the gentleman in the sculpture hasn't yet accomplished.     The sculpture embodies power and determination, although I'd like to tell him to sit down, take a rest and let go of the anchor.

Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 100
Height 9.5"
Width 14"
Depth 8.5"
Weight 13 lbs.
Current Price $3,050
Copyright 2003

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