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No Visible Means of Support Series

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In the sculptor's words...

This series started out as a one line joke about an artist having “no visible means of support.”    The first figure in the series was the “Female Nude.”  The emphasis on this sculpture is mass.  She came together so easily that I decided to try a “Male Nude” with the emphasis on negative space.   This one wrestled with me and just didn’t want to work.  Finally the “Male Nude” was completed and I decided to explore a different sculptural aspect with each figure in the series.  “Little Girl” is about sculptural line.  “Black Girl” is about geometry and “Grace” is about personality.  “Indecision” is about emotion. “Dreaming Girl” is about making heavy bronze feel dreamy and weightless and the Construction Worker” concentrates on form. Finally, “Self Portrait” is just that, a characteristic self-portrait and with “30s” I just wanted to see how far I could make her lean without seeming to fall over visually.
      The series is in an edition of only 10 castings.  I have made castings 1 through 7 on each piece available separately but number  8, 9 and 10 are available only as a complete set.  I want to give my audience an opportunity to see the entire series as a unit and to experience the subtle interactions between the individual sculptures.

Bronze with patina
Edition limited to 10

Current Price $100,000

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