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Mercat by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

This feline predator lives in underwater caves that dot warm tropical coastlines and coral reefs.  His specialty is ambush and his diet is fish.  Especially tuna when he can get it.  This guy reminds me of our own cat, Leo, who will lie in wait under the bed and suddenly spring out at unsuspecting bare toes that are silly enough to get close to his waiting claws!

 The progression of sculptural elements, heavy cave, lighter cat, and smaller fish provides a dynamic upward surge of movement that implies that this aqua-cat is a swift and efficient predator.

Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 200
Height 13.5"
Width 14"
Depth 8.5"
Weight 8.5"
Current Price $2,500
Copyright 2007

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