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Man with a Shell

Man with a Shell by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

Over the years I've toyed with the concept of personal vulnerability and ways to avoid it. One of the problems of trying to insulate one's self is that the thicker the insulation, the harder it is to achieve anything. I mean, the turtle isn't able to do anything other than hide when he is withdrawn inside his shell. In "Man with a Shell" I leave it up to viewer interpretation to decide whether the moment is cause for celebration or introspection and emotional regrouping. Is he climbing in or getting out of his shell? The shell is faceted across the back to allow him to tumble about. There are a number of different position that he can set in to emphasize the effort of the struggle. The piece is cast solid and is patinaed in reds, greens and blacks.

Bronze with patina
Edition limited to 100
Height 4"
Width 11.5"
Depth 5"
Weight 11"
Current Price $2,275
Copyright 1989

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