Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Man with an Itch

Man with an Itch by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

Itches exist not only on the surface of the skin but also in the mind.  We all have strong impulses that at one time or another make demands on our psyche for satisfaction.   For me, this sculpture depicts this kind of emotional itch.  Sex can provide some of our most severe itches.  Drugs, alcohol, food and even the lust for money can be an "itch".  These impulses are sometimes destructive.  Here, the man's arm nearly comes off in his attempt to scratch his itch.  The arm that is severed in this sculpture is a reminder that not every impulse should be indulged.   This sculpture is beautifully balanced from an intellectual standpoint as well as a mechanical one.

Bronze with patina
Edition limited to 100
Height 17"
Width 8"
Depth 6"
Weight 15"
Current Price $3,300
Copyright 1989

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