Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Man with a Burden

Man with a Burden by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

This is one of my sculptures that fits into the category of psychological allegory. The donkey, himself a "beast of burden", here becomes the burden. A man, hunched over, carries his burden on his back. The donkey is a belligerent creature, who, with fist held high, dominates the man. His other hand covers the man's face and blinds him. Having carried his burden for a long time, the man has started to take on his burden's attributes. He has the donkey's forelegs and the donkey has his arms; the man and the burden become one and the same. This is an expression of my own knowledge of the fact that when we have problems, we must be able to let go of them, otherwise they shape us, often to our detriment. The sculpture is very three-dimensional and works from all angles.

Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 100
Height 15"
Depth 5.5"
Weight 9"
Current Price $1,900
Copyright 1989

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