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Imaginarea I - Cat
Illusion and Imagination

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This is the wax prototype for bronze.  The photo looks distorted because the sculpture is made up of 4 separate sculptures that come together to make the final image.   Each individual sculpture is made up of many images.  See the photos below. 

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New for 2011, we are currently accepting pre-production orders on this sculpture.   The photos are of the wax prototype and the finished sculpture will be cast in bronze.  If you need more information or explanation, please call our office at 800.882.8098

In the sculptor's words...

Could I create a sculpture that captured the feeling of lying in the grass and watching clouds form shapes as the drifted by overhead?  This was the challenge posed to me by my friend David.  My concept for the Imaginareas is to create individual shapes, each suggestive of different subjects as you walk around it and, at the same time, from a specific vantage point, coming together to create an entirely new image. 

Imaginarea I  - Cat

As you move around the four monoliths you may find cat faces, a dog, a gorilla, a sheep, a monkey, a bird, a swan and more.  

From the right angle the four shapes merge into the image of a domestic cat.  These sculptures are designed to be interactive with each person bringing their own interpretation to the art.

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Tell a friend about "Imaginarea I" or any Tritel limited edition sculpture and when they purchase a sculpture, we will send you a check for $100! 
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Wax prototype for bronze
Edition limited to 200
Height 7"
Width 13"
Depth 20"
Weight 13 lbs.
Introductory Price  $3,200 after December 31, 2011 price will be $3,500
Copyright 2011
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Additional Photos and Video


These photos are to give you a feeling of this sculpture. It is designed to give its audience a chance to use their imagination and find images and pictures they same way you can find images and pictures in the clouds.  Everyone will see different things.  There are a few images that Jeff has intentionally sculpted. 

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Do you see a swan?
imaginareai3.jpg (20066 bytes)
Do you see an alligator?  Do you see a sea lion?
imaginareai4.jpg (21791 bytes)
Do you see a face in profile?
imaginareai5.jpg (17924 bytes)
Do you see a bird?


Ordering Information
If you need additional information or help with this form, please call 800.882.8098.

Option 1: payment in full now of $3,200 (Jeff Tritel Sculpture will pay all shipping and insurance charges)

Option 2: $1,600 now and balance due prior to delivery

Option 3: $320 deposit now and balance charged in 9 monthly installments of $320 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) prior to delivery

All orders are processed manually and you will be contacted with details.  Please allow sixteen weeks for delivery. You will be contacted before we ship your sculpture.  Sales Tax will be added to all shipments to California

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction - we want you to be happy with any Tritel Sculpture purchase so if a sculpture is returned within 30 days of shipment, we will refund your purchase price, replace the sculpture with a sculpture of equal value or issue a credit to be used at a later date - your choice.  On Option 3, we will exchange or replace.


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