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I Love You, Daddy
A son's adoration of his father

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In the sculptor's words...

I remember the day when I started to sculpt this sculpture as well as its other two companions “Laughing Together” and “Playing Together.”  The simple forms were actually dictated by the weather!

As many of my collectors know, I work directly in wax before a sculpture winds up in bronze.   On this particular day, I was exhibiting at an outdoor festival in Boulder Creek, Colorado.  And as usual, I was sculpting.  The only problem was that it was about 110 degrees around noon and it was next to impossible to keep the wax from sagging into shapelessness.  Complex forms were impossible in these conditions so I opted for extreme simplicity.

 Being surrounded by families in the festive park atmosphere brought back memories of playing with my own son, David.  I remember bouncing him on my feet, tipping him on my shoulders as he held on and covered my eyes in the process, and the affectionate hug that I would get as he wrapped himself around my knees.   “I Love You, Daddy” is like a snapshot in my mind of a wonderful moment in my life.

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Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 200
Height 11.5"
Width 4"
Depth 4"
Weight 2"
Current Price $900
Copyright 2001
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Additional Photos and Video


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Ordering Information
If you need additional information or help with this form, please call 800.882.8098.

Option 1: payment in full now of $900 (Jeff Tritel Sculpture will pay all shipping and insurance charges)

Option 2: $450 now and balance due prior to delivery

Option 3: $90 deposit now and balance charged in 9 monthly installments of $90 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) prior to delivery

All orders are processed manually and you will be contacted with details.  Please allow two weeks for delivery. You will be contacted before we ship your sculpture.  Sales Tax will be added to all shipments to California

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction - we want you to be happy with any Tritel Sculpture purchase so if a sculpture is returned within 30 days of shipment, we will refund your purchase price, replace the sculpture with a sculpture of equal value or issue a credit to be used at a later date - your choice.  On Option 3, we will exchange or replace.


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