Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Four the Birds

Four the Birds by Jeff Tritel


In the sculptor's words...

I’m very fond of this sculpture for a lot of different reasons.  First, it’s homage to Dr. Seuss.   My early exposure to works like Scrambled Eggs Super and On Beyond Zebra indelibly warped my sensibilities; and for that I’ll always be grateful.  The look of these silly fowl have to be traceable  back to his wonderful illustrations even though I didn’t reference them directly while doing the sculpture. 

Each bird sits on an egg.   This would be somewhat innocuous if they were chickens.  But they’re not.   By putting them in contemplative positions, this simple act implies a range of human emotion.   Patience, anxiety, anticipation and pride come to mind at the moment.    Each has its own style and personality.  I think one looks classy and elegantly dresses (feathered?) Another looks to me like a small town hairdresser.

Now here’s the great thing about this sculpture.   The meaning totally changes as you move the birds.   Placed close together facing in and it’s about commonality and shared experience.  Face them outward and a little farther apart and it says birth (and by implication death) are experiences we must do alone.  Pair them up and it’s about friendship but group them three and one and it’s about ostracism or judgment.    Line them up and end to end or side by side and the entire feel changes again.  

This is yet another sculpture I would like to see enlarged.  The tallest should be about seven feet and mounted on rollers.  I think they’d be great on a patio or by a pool.

Bronze with patina, travertine base
Edition limited to 100
Height 7.5"
Width 16"
Depth 16"
Weight 14 lbs.
Current Price $4,000
Copyright 2007

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