Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Female Nude

Female Nude by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

The “Female Nude” is the first sculpture in the “No Visible Means of Support” series.  The series was inspired by combining the notions of loitering with the verbal expression to create a visual pun.  The figure leans against nothing so “no visible means of support” becomes physical as well as financial.  The “Female Nude” is a picture of potential power and ability.  From the standpoint of formal aesthetics, she is built of smaller self contained volumes that work together to form the whole.  This places an emphasis on mass, one of the basic elements of sculpture.

Bronze with patina, travertine base
Edition limited to 10
Height 16.5"
Width 6"
Depth 6"
Weight 16 lbs
Current Price $10,000

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