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Fairies' Violinist
New for 2011

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In the sculptor's words...

After driving 45 minutes over and around nauseating hairpin mountain curves to get to a tiny restaurant lost 40 years in time, I was wondering if this invitation was going to be worth the trouble.  We were funneled past an order window into a funky hippie-esque reading and game room and led into an unlevel, mostly weed strewn garden.  There, dressed in white evening attire and bare feet stood our violinist, smoking from a small clay pipe and sporting an expression straight out of a fairy tale. 

As he made final adjustments to his violin and amplification system there was only a hint of what was yet to come.  Music was attached to his feet and as he played he jumped and gyrated like a slightly overgrown Rumplestiltskin.  The garden bloomed, the breeze came to listen and the trees beyond the fence danced in delight.

Two hours passed as mere minutes and as I came out of enchantment I felt as though I’d come as close to the magical fairie realms as I was ever to be.

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Wax prototype for bronze, painted to simulate the finished bronze
Edition limited to 200
Height 12"
Width 10"
Depth 4"
Weight 11 lbs.
Introductory Price $2,100  After 12/31/11  price will be $2,400
Copyright 2011
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Additional Photos and Video

Video Coming Soon


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Ordering Information
If you need additional information or help with this form, please call 800.882.8098.

Option 1: payment in full now of $2,100 (Jeff Tritel Sculpture will pay all shipping and insurance charges)

Option 2: $1,050 now and balance due prior to delivery

Option 3: $210 deposit now and balance charged in 9 monthly installments of $210 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) prior to delivery

All orders are processed manually and you will be contacted with details.  Please allow sixteen weeks for delivery. You will be contcted before we ship your sculpture.  Sales Tax will be added to all shipments to California

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction - we want you to be happy with any Tritel Sculpture purchase so if a sculpture is returned within 30 days of shipment, we will refund your purchase price, replace the sculpture with a sculpture of equal value or issue a credit to be used at a later date - your choice.  On Option 3, we will exchange or replace.


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