Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Fairie Fire

Fairie Firet by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

When I sculpted this piece I wanted a fairy that could wink in and out of our reality. I accomplished this by sculpting one of her legs in forced perspective. Story has it that you can perceive the realm of fairie through the corner of your eye. When you close one eye and suppress your depth perception you can make the leg drop back into space and appear as long as the other. As you rotate the piece this foreshortened leg shrinks and the rest of the fairy starts to dissolve into abstract forms. The resulting sculpture is a very elegant rising progression of forms that involves a bit of magical slight of hand and makes the fairy appear and disappear.


Bronze with patina,  granite base
Edition limited to 200
Height 18"
Width 6.5"
Depth 5"
Weight 4"
Current Price $1,900
Copyright 1987

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