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Exotic Mermaid Set

Exotic Mermaid Set by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

These little mermaids are named Gale, Vanity, Tempest, Serena and Coral.  They are designed to over hang a shelf or pedestal to create an implied water line.   Gale, Vanity and Tempest all keep their tails wet while Serena lazily caresses the water with her hand and Coral bathes her hair.

Jeff has plans to enlarge these mermaids to life size so they can lounge lazily next to a pool or fountain.  They can be sold separately or as a set. Bronze or Polyurethane.   Give us a call at 800.882.8098 for more information.

Bronze with patina
Each mermaid is approximately 4" long
Current Price $2,950

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