Jeff Tritel Sculpture

Dragon Wannabe

Dragon Wannabe by Jeff Tritel

In the sculptor's words...

Persona Invulneribilius - This sculpture depicts more of a state of mind than anything else. Years ago, I was asked "If you could be any animal, what would you be?" After some contemplation, I answered " A rhinoceros." Why? Because a rhinoceros will single-mindedly charge straight ahead and is powerful, thick skinned, all qualities essential in my chosen profession. "Dragon Wannabe" captures this sentiment in a simple and elegant metaphor. A man imbedded in his persona of scaly protection. On the other hand, if a man is to keep his humanity he must be willing to stay emotionally vulnerable.  My Wannabe is in bare feet. Your walk through life must be done with care and consideration.


Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 200
Height 8"
Width 6"
Depth 6"
Weight 2 lbs.
Current Price $995
Copyright 1994

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