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A Mandala of Birth and Conception

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In the sculptor's words...


"Cycles" was inspired by writings of Joseph Campbell, a leading world mythologer. In his book, "The Masks of God", he talks of Egyptian mythology, about Horus being the deified embodiment of Pharaoh and he being the creator of all things. It created images of which came first, the chicken or the egg. I took that concept and combined it with Neolithic fertility figure, the "Venus of Willendorf". The huge breasts and thighs were kept but I eliminated the shoulders and made the neck and breasts a phallic image, so each figure fits up into the vagina of the figure before it. It becomes cyclic conception in one direction and cyclic birth in the other; depending on whether you see the figures going into or coming out of each other. The negative space in the middle is a pinwheel; a mandala, a wheel of life. It is the four seasons, one thing coming from the next, round and round. Again, the theme of creativity. A use of sex as a reference to basic creative drives.



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Fiberglass prototype for bronze
Edition limited to 7
Height 6'
Width 6'
Depth 4'
Weight to be determined
Current Price $140,000
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Additional Photos and Video

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Ordering Information
To find out more about ordering your own Cycles, please call our office at 530.575.0967.  The fiberglass prototye will be used to make molds to cast the bronze.  It will take approximately 6 to 9 months to complete the casting. 

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