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Abigail's Dragon
A magnificent dragon in flight

Abigail's Dragon by Jeff Tritel

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In the sculptor's words...
The dragon.  What a strange and wonderful reflection of the inner workings of our own minds.  Sometimes a symbol of good fortune and sometimes a bringer of awesome destructive power.   Guardian of treasure and devourer of virginal maidens, the dragon in flight is the ultimate symbol in the world of fantasy.  To conquer this beast you must be the most heroic of heroes and be able to face down your darkest fears.

From Vikings in Scandinavia to Aztecs in South America, from the coast of Ethiopia to the sands of Arabia, from the inlands of China to the islands of Japan virtually every culture on earth has a version of the dragon in its mythology.  In its different aspects the dragon has been made responsible for controlling the Earth’s waters, eclipses, people’s destinies, fortunes both good and ill, guarding treasures both sacred and secular and in its western, heraldic incarnation, a symbol of power, wisdom and astuteness.   “Abigail’s Dragon” falls into this western, heraldic tradition.

"Abigail's Dragon" - childhood image or serious grown- up sculpture? At shows I often hear, "Oh, Daddy (or Mommy) look at the dragon!" Kids are so pure and unreserved in their emotions and I feel their excitement at the core of my being. When I sculpted this piece I had the same sculptural concerns that I have for each and every sculpture I create. Balance, rhythm, movement. Is every angle dynamic? Are there any views that are uninteresting or visually "flat"? Does the composition work from above, below and all around? Giving "Abigail's Dragon" it's usually long tail was a solution to a specific question. How do I make this creature fly? And I feel that the solution works because little children pull at their parents and say "Oh, look at the dragon!" Childhood image? For sure. Grown-up serious sculpture? Definitely!

A monumental version is also available for your estate.  Height 20' with a wing span of 20'  Click here!

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Bronze with patina, granite base
Edition limited to 200
Height 22"
Width 14"
Depth 10"
Weight 14 lbs.
Current Price $3,000
Copyright 2006
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Also available in other patinas
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