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My parents took me to museums. It was here that I saw my first monumental sculptures. From the first, I thought they were wonderful. They were indulgences of the rich and powerful, symbols of cities and heroes, homages to the Gods and the formative forces of nature. These sculptures made me want to have them in my life. Allow me to share with you

The Monumental and Garden Collection

Art by Jeff Tritel


Blue Mermaid by Jeff Tritel

Blue Mermaid

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Cat and Mouse Game

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Deep Passion

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Dee's Cat

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Diving Mermaid

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Ethereal Spirit

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Fairy Queen

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Four the Birds

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Great Undersea Broadcast
of 1938

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I Love You, Daddy

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Laughing Together

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Light on Her Feet

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Monumental Wizard

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Rockin' Out

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The Essence of Jazz

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The Sixth Symphony

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White Bosom Slopes

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Wrestling with an Idea:
States of Development


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